Insuflon® Catheter

Makes injections more convenient and comfortable

Initially designed to help children and their families come to terms with diabetes, Insuflon virtually eliminates needle pain associated with daily injections and can increase therapy compliance.

The flexible soft catheter is placed in the abdomen and can remain in place for up to one week. This greatly reduces the pain and discomfort of repeated injections.

Insuflon is gentle
Insuflon consists of a soft flexible cannula that is gentle to the tissue, making it simple to use and take care of.

Insuflon is safe to use
The adhesive material is soft and comfortable to the tissue. Leading paediatric hospitals are using Insuflon to administer most of the medications given subcutaneously: insulin, heparin, morphine, growth hormones etc.

Insuflon works
Patients and staff have an excellent acceptance rate. Insuflon improves patients’ quality of life.

Insuflon is the cost effective solution
Insuflon can be left in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the abdomen for 4 to 5 days, which means the patients only has to prick their skin once or twice (when Insuflon® is inserted).