Our Trusted Family of Brands

Auto Control Médical has been Canada’s leading distributor of healthcare products for over 35 years. Our family of brands brings best-in-class products to professional and consumer markets in categories like hypertension, diabetes, respiratory, and other healthcare segments.

A&D Médical – Discover Precision in blood pressure monitoring and weight tracking for clinical and telehealth applications. With over 40 years of proven accuracy and independent clinical validations, A&D Médical’s clinical grade products will help streamline your practice.

LifeSource by A&D Médical – the best-selling brand of blood pressure monitors is now the #1 recommended brand by Canadian pharmacists as well. And with a full suite of home healthcare monitoring devices from weight scales and thermometers to pulse oximeters and activity trackers, LifeSource helps consumers monitor their important health metrics from the comfort of their own homes.

Medtronic – As the brand whose therapies “[improve] two lives every second”, Medtronic develops value-based healthcare products that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Because their aim is to provide higher quality, lower-priced products, their products can meet those who are most in need of care. Auto Control Medical is proud to distribute diabetes pump supplies, such as the iPort subcutaneous port for the delivery of insulin.

OptiChamber – From Philips Respironics, the company leverages deep clinical knowledge to deliver integrated solutions, like Optichamber Diamond line. This VHC helps enhance medication delivery via low resistance valves, along with features that improve compliance for patients of all ages.

Unifine – Owned by Owen Mumford, Unifine is a leading class brand of medical devices that aims to help bring life-saving and life-changing care to patients by improving their comfort and improving the performance of delivery systems.

Unomedical – Focused on therapies for managing chronic conditions, their inventive spirit is aimed at improving people’s lives as they treat their conditions on an ongoing basis. Soft cannula and other infusion set products give patients flexibility and choice when it comes to their insulin pump therapy.

GE – GE combines trust, value, and accuracy in its glucose monitoring devices and supplies. With important features for diabetics, like small sample sizes, reduced sample handling, and easy-to-read results, their products make blood glucose monitoring less of a hassle.

UltiCare – As a leader in comfort, UltiCare products are also designed to help improve safety for the billions of at home injections that take place each year.

WatchBP – Under the MicroLife umbrella, WatchBP is a brand of professional blood pressure monitors that strives to achieve the highest quality, precision, and reliability. Approved for hospital use, their products are designed to help prevent stroke and heart disease by easily screening for cardiovascular risks.

SurgiLance – From MediPurpose, SurgiLance has become top choice for sharps safety among capillary blood collection fingerstick users due to its design that provides ease of use, comfort, and safety.