Wide Range Cuff with ISO Connector

Wide Range blood pressure replacement cuff, fits arms 22-42 cm
(8.6-16.5″). 2 year cuff warranty.

Compatible devices: UA‑651CN, UA-651CNBLE, and UA‑767FAM
Open the Accessories Chart to find which replacement cuff is compatible with your blood pressure monitor.

SKU:   UA-420A

Price:  $29.99

Take your blood pressure at home quickly and confidently with the latex free blood pressure cuff from A&D Medical. The cuff is designed to conform to your arm to make it as comfortable as possible when you measure your BP. The A&D Medical blood pressure cuffs are durable and come with a 2 year warranty.

Using the correct size cuff is important for an accurate reading. A cuff that is too large will produce a reading that is lower than the correct blood pressure; a cuff that is too small yields a measurement that is higher. With your arm hanging at the side of your body, measure the circumference of your upper arm at the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow.
Select the proper cuff size from the Accessories Chart.