Unifine® Pentips®

  • Silicone lubricated needle for more comfortable and near painless injections
  • Compatible with all insulin pens currently available in Canada
  • Up to 40% savings vs the other brands
  • Pen needles are latex free
  • We offer the best value for the money and guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Available in 5 popular sizes: 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12mm pen needles

Why Pay More? Now You Have a Choice.
UP TO 40% in SAVINGS! New and improved Unifine® Pentips® offer optimum quality and comfort, at a substantial cost savings vs. some leading products. They meet user expectations for a more comfortable injection.

Unifine® Pentips® have been developed to give users the most comfortable injection experience possible. Triple sharpened, ultra thin gauge needles combined with anti-coring technology and advanced silicone provides users with lower penetration and glide force when injecting.

Available in the 5 most popular sizes in Canada:

  • 4mm Pen Needles
  • 5mm Mini Pen Needles
  • 6mm Ultra Short Pen Needles
  • 8mm Short Pen Needles
  • 12mm Original Pen Needles