One-Step SurgiLance™ Lancets

Safe. Innovative. Simple.
No matter which type of SurgiLance required for your procedure, the same design features pertain:

  • SurgiLance is pre-cocked. There is a true ‘one-step’ procedure involved in preparing the lancet for use: Take off the cap! That’s it.
  • Needle is completely and automatically retracted after use. There is no possibility of post-use accidental sticks.
  • Available in 4 different models with alternative penetration depths to ensure optimal blood flow for different applications and skin types.
  • High-speed penetration minimizes pain.
One-Step Needle Grey 1.8 mm 10-20µL 21
One-Step Needle Orange 2.2 mm 2-40µL 21
One-Step Needle Pink 2.8 mm 40-60µL 21
One-Step Blade Blue 1.15 mm 150-200μL 21