Medtronic Insulin Reservoir

The reservoir holds insulin inside your insulin pump. When used with Medtronic infusion sets, the Paradigm® connection provides a maintenance free connection between the MiniMed Paradigm® infusion set and reservoir.

Available in 3 reservoir capacities:

  • Paradigm® 1.76ml Reservoir (10/box) – MTT-326A
  • Paradigm® 3.0ml Reservoir for 7XX only (10/box) – MTT-322A
  • MiniMed Reservoir (10/box) 500/400 Series only – MTT-103A

The Metronic insulin reservoirs provide safety benefits such as the following:

  • Venting – maintains a proper pressurized environment and reduces blockage risks. The venting system for the MiniMed Paradigm® pump is in the connection which means no maintenance or changing O rings. New venting is provided with each set change.
  • No Extra Caps – or pieces are needed to connect the tubing to the reservoir. Our connections are integrated with the tubing.
  • Secure child lock mechanism – to prevent tampering causing an accidental removal of the reservoir from the pump while in use.