Family Heart Health

The family that plays together stays together and stays heart healthy together.

When it comes to heart health, you’re never too young or too old to start making healthier choices. Making these changes as a family can help to create good habits early and lead to healthier lifestyle choices later on in life.

Make heart health a family affair with these simple tips for getting the whole family involved.

Fuel up first

Family fitness starts with the right fuel. Making sure you and your family eat a balanced diet can lead to other healthier lifestyle choices down the road. That means plenty of fruits, veggies, fiber-rich whole grains, fish, nuts, legumes, and skipping the meat every now and then.

Bonus points for getting the kids in the kitchen to help with meal prep. Teaching them young can help create life-long, healthy eating habits.

Mix up exercise 

Exercise doesn’t have to be another box to check off on your to-do list. Family fitness can be fun. Channel your inner child and think outside the box. Check out a local park, go on a bike ride, or play a game of basketball in the front yard. Just make sure it’s not a chore, and something that everyone can get in on.

Keep in mind that kids require more physical activity than adults. Picking activities that they enjoy is a good way to keep them moving and healthy.

Lead by example

It’s easy to talk a big heart-health game, but the best way to teach your family healthy habits is by example. Taking care of yourself and making good decisions regarding diet and physical fitness can get others on board too.

Return the favor

We think about healthy habits as being passed down, but the reverse works too. Pay back your parents for all they’ve done for you by having a serious conversation about heart health. Make sure they’re doing everything they can to stay active and healthy.

All in all, your family’s heart health doesn’t have to be a chore, but making a few simple changes can keep all of you healthier together.