Welcome to the A&D Medical Blog!

We’re excited about launching this blog as it coincides with relaunching our A&D Medical website, with a bevy of new products and services to explore.

And here on the A&D Medical Blog, you’ll find information related to what we have been doing for more than four decades: measuring with precision – specifically as it relates to you and your health (or the health of your patients).

At A&D Medical, we like to use the term “more than a measurement” to represent a series of interconnected ideas:

  • Measurements are just numbers – but they can be so much more than that. Where they intersect with you, your life and your work, they become the tools that help guide decision making – and then measurements become powerful.
  • We also believe each of us is much more than the measurements our health records hold – from height to weight to age to blood pressure. But understanding those numbers and what they reflect about our health can help us live fuller, richer lives.
  • Lastly, we know healthcare providers use our measurements to make informed prognoses about health and treatment. But those numbers are just the beginning of the story –we want to give providers the data points they need along with tools to communicate with patients and other caregivers to create the foundation of connected health.

Here’s what you can look forward to on our Blog:

  • We’ll share general information about what’s going on in the world of health and technology – and the intersection where those two converge;
  • We’ll provide health resources and references; and
  • We’ll share information about cutting-edge products and services.

Thank you for visiting!

The A&D Medical Blog team