BETTRAi Integrates Remote Patient Monitoring with A&D Medical Devices

July 2020 — San Jose, CA — BETTRAi, a cutting edge provider of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) systems, has announced their open integration with A&D Medical devices.

BETTRAi’s CEO, Scott Birdwell, said of the partnership, “Our mission at BETTRAi is to simplify healthcare for our customers and provide as many options as possible.  We strive to give our customers the freedom and control of their health data and the ability to manage their personal healthcare needs the same way they manage finances, travel and other components of their lives.  This includes the freedom to choose best in class devices from other providers, which is why we established this relationship with A&D Medical.”

With a focus on providing patients the most cost-effective solutions that integrate with their healthcare providers’ system, BETTRAi will use A&D Medical’s UA-651BLE Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and UC-352BLE Premium Wireless Weight Scale to track two of the most critical health metrics: blood pressure and weight.

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