What is Clinical Validation?

Clinical validation is the process of testing a device’s accuracy to meet clinical standards. Clinical validation of a blood pressure monitor is done by testing a blood pressure monitor against the measurement of a trained observer using a mercury sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.

Not all Clinical Validation is Equal

While many products claim “Clinically Validated” not all products are tested against protocols that are followed to its fullest measure, it is important that clinical validation studies are conducted with the utilization of modern protocols, independently verified for accuracy, and the findings are published in a peer-reviewed journal. These standards are important to give physicians, healthcare professionals, and you at home confidence that your device is accurate and reliable.

“Clinically Validated for Accuracy”

At A&D Medical, precision and reliability are such a part of who we are as a company. When you see “Clinically Validated for Accuracy” symbol on an A&D product, it means that the product has been thoroughly tested to the medical industry’s world-class protocols. Our blood pressure monitors are rigorously tested with modern protocols, independently verified for accuracy, and the studies are published in a peer-reviewed journals.

Proper technique is equally important to getting an accurate blood pressure measurement. Follow our guide to taking a proper blood pressure measurement at home here.