Two of A&D Medical’s Devices Included in the Best BP Monitors of 2020 List

May 2020 — Verywell Health, an award-winning online resource for health information and medical topics, recently compiled a list, The 7 Best Blood Pressure Monitors of 2020.  A&D Medical is proud to be included not once, but twice in the list.

Best Multi-User Device: A&D Medical UA-767F Series

“This device is known for its reliability, cuff-fit error messages, and a body movement sensor to help prevent inaccurate readings. Plus, it comes with a five-year device warranty, an operating system that accommodates up to four users, and it can store up to 60 measurements per user.”

A frequent model on the “best of” lists, this model is popular among many families because it allows up to four users, compared to most other multi-user models on the market, which only allow for two users.

Available with or without an AC adapter, the premium features of the UA-767F Series have made this a go-to device for families who rely on its clinically validated accuracy and ease of use.

Best for Large Arms: LifeSource by A&D Medical UA-789AC

As we at A&D Medical often say, “cuff size matters”, and Verywell Health has echoed this sentiment.  “If you need a cuff that exceeds the standard size of 16.5 inches, then the LifeSource Upper Arm monitor is for you. With an extra-large cuff that can accommodate an arm size of up to 23.6” circumference, this cone shape cuff mimics the natural shape of the arm to help ensure accurate readings. And a large display with lit buttons allows for straight-forward operation.”

The UA-789AC is the only home blood pressure monitor designed to provide accurate readings for people with larger arms, but it doesn’t stop there.  This clinically validated BP monitor includes other premium features, such as measurement averaging, a five year warranty, programmable reminders and more to ensure the most accurate readings possible.

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