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More Than a Measurement

More than a Measurement

And when measurements intersect with you and your life, they become power.

More than a Measurement

YOU Are More Than a Measurement, Too.


For 40 years, A&D Medical has been offering a wide range of blood pressure monitors and weight scales, relentlessly incorporating the newest technology innovations for consumers who want to track, monitor and manage their quantified selves.


The company is committed to a future in which consumers can go beyond the data, to where streamlined health management becomes simply another component to living fully.

A&D Medical has been a staple in hospital rooms and physicians’ offices for the past four decades, ensuring healthcare providers always have the most critical information in real-time to help make informed prognoses about patient health and treatment.

Giving providers the data points they need along with tools to communicate with patients and other caregivers creates the foundation of connected health – and the ability to treat new patient populations.