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Why Connected?

Focus on the future of technology is ingrained in the founding principles of A&D.

A&D is a pioneer in connected health, developing the first connected blood pressure monitor and weight scale almost 15 years ago for clinical application use.

Our pursuit of advanced and intuitive technology empowers consumers to track their health data accurately and manage their health simply.  

We provide a connection... to doctors and healthcare practitioners.

Connectivity is designed to improve patient compliance. Doctors have the ability to adjust patient care based on supportive data and to identify trends in the app interface without having to rely on inaccurately kept or messy logbooks.  

We provide a connection... to family and caretakers.

We understand that some patients are lucky enough to have a supportive network, and the app is designed with the caretaker in mind. As a patient advocate, they need the right data to impact important medical decisions.  


All Your Tracking Needs in One Place

A&D provides a range of connected products, providing a window to your health through our app. With A&D Heart Track, you can track the following important medical data:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • Pulse Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Oxygen Saturation 
  • Temperature
  • Weight


One Button Operation

Simply push one button to take a measurement. The reading will be displayed on the screen in large and easy-to-read numbers.

Easy Sync

By downloading the free app, patients will no longer need to keep a cumbersome logbook. The connected blood pressure monitors store readings so patients have the option of periodically syncing to the app.

Get the Apple App

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AHA/ACC Guidelines

Hypertension is classified as 130/80, which means 46% of the population is considered hypertensive under these guidelines. The 2017 update to the guidelines highly impacted younger patients, women with hypertension under 45 doubled and men with hypertension under 45 tripled.

Lifestyle modifications such as diet, exercise, and home blood pressure monitoring are recommended as the first line of treatment.

Learn more about the blood pressure guidelines.



Heart Track App logo

1. Download the free “A&D Heart Track” App. Open the App and turn monitor on.

Connect the Device


2. Select device on phone. Press and hold ‘START’ on monitor.

Pair the device

3. Once ‘Pr’ is displayed on monitor, select ‘pair’ on mobile device.

Pairing complete

4. When ‘END’ is displayed on monitor, pairing is complete.



UltraConnect Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

ULTRACONNECT Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
The next generation of wrist blood pressure monitoring, providing the ultimate user experience and accuracy.  


Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
A wireless blood pressure monitor that automatically records and tracks measurements via mobile app to enable trending and sharing.


PlusConnect Wireless Weight Scale

PLUSCONNECT Wireless Weight Scale
A multi-user wireless weight scale that automatically records and tracks measurements via mobile app to enable trending and sharing.


Premium Wireless Weight Scale

Premium Wireless Weight Scale
A premium wireless weight scale with capacity up to 450 pounds - automatically records and tracks measurements via mobile app to enable trending and sharing.