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Heart Track Consumer App


UB-1100BLE Wrist BPM Ultraconnect



Introducing A&D Heart Track App

A&D medical is trusted by millions of patients to accurately measure blood pressure every day. The Heart Track App combines A&D’s expertise in connected blood pressure monitoring with an easy-to-use app to improve hypertension management.

Track your health (blood pressure, pulse rate, blood glucose, oxygen saturation, weight, temperature and respiratory rate) and automatically share your data with a healthcare provider. The app was developed by hypertension experts to facilitate accurate measurements and provide hypertension education.

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Take Control of Your Heart Health

Swipe averaging- Quickly calculate blood pressure and blood glucose averages and easily compare time periods 

Multilingual Integrated Learning Module- Expert advice on your condition including tips for taking accurate blood pressure measurements at home

Health metrics beyond blood pressure- Track a more complete picture of your health with multiple data points (blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, pulse ox and temperature)

Quick View- Track progress with averages over 1, 7, or 30 day periods

Manual Entry- Ability to enter health data manually in the app if you don’t have a connected device

Share Data- quickly share data via e-mail with caregivers or healthcare professionals


Ultraconnect Upper Arm BPM in Use


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