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OEM Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Module

OEM Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Module 

At A&D Medical, our expertise is blood pressure monitoring.   We have been designing and manufacturing blood pressure monitors for over 40 years, so our customizable non-invasive blood pressure modules have that expertise built in so your final product is reliable and accurate.  

Featuring a flexible design and advanced algorithm, the NIBP modules support a wide range of devices from medical monitors to therapeutic devices – and a variety of host devices.  

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Key Features

Multiple Cuff Sizes Available
Measures Pediatric to Adults
Serial Communication


Clinical Grade Applications

Custom designs and protocols are available upon request.  

A&D Medical’s NIBP modules comply with current medical standards and provide customizable features to meet your specific applications.  Regardless of your customization, the modules will come standard with the fundamental elements of quality and accuracy that in all our measurement devices. 

Feature TM-2915 TM-2916
Ideal application Dialysis/high acute In-clinic/in-hospital monitors
Advanced measurement algorithm √  √ 
Compact design √  √ 
Quiet √  √ 
Low-heat √  √ 
Electric Control Exhaust Valve (ECEV) √  √ 
Pediatrics √  √ 
Adults √  √ 
Single pump √ 
Dual-rolling pump √   
Why A&D

Trusted Accuracy and Quality

A&D Medical has devoted over 35 years to the innovation of blood pressure monitors always focusing on accuracy and quality.  The accuracy and quality of A&D Medical devices is proven in numerous clinical validation studies and evident in review such as Consumer Reports.  Clinicians around the globe trust our blood pressure monitor technology every day to acquire critical information about their patient's health.  

A&D manufactures and sells almost 5 million blood pressure monitors a year, making us a trusted partner for medical device manufacturers.  The culmination of A&D's innovation in blood pressure algorithms is embedded in the OEM NIBP module.  This serves as the building block of the highest quality for medical and surgical products.  


Standard Accessories:

  • Adult cuff
  • Air hose (2m)
  • Cuff connectors)
  • Silicone tube (300mm)

Optional Accessories:

  • Child cuff
  • Small cuff
  • Large cuff
  • Air hose (1.5m)
  • Disposable cuff covers

*The cuff connector and air hose length for the host device can be customized as necessary.

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TM-2915 Specifications:

Blood pressure Measurement Oscillometric method
External Dimensions 60(H) x 39(W) x 104.5(D)
Weight 280±5% [g]
Pressure Detection
For measurement Pressure sensor for capacitance method
For safety circuit Pressure sensor for capacitance method
Measurement Accuracy
Pressure ±3 mmHg
Pulse ±5%
Measurement Range  
Pressure 0 to 300 mmHg
Pulse 40 to 200 bpm (adult)
40 to 240 bpm (pediatric)

Common applications:

Dialysis Equipment

Dialysis Equipment

Custom Office & Hospital Products

Custom Office & Hospital Products

Kiosk Blood Pressure Monitor

Desktop and Stand-alone Blood Pressure Kiosks

Emergency Room, Operating Room, and Intensive Care Unit devices

Emergency Room, Operating Room, and Intensive Care Unit Devices

Pediatric and Neonatal Blood Pressure Monitors

Pediatric and Neonatal Blood Pressure Monitors

At Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Home & Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

Whether you need to integrate a NIBP module into your new or existing systems, or your application is the first of its kind, A&D Medical’s OEM modules deliver the accuracy and precision measurement that Fortune 500, healthcare systems, and retail partners across the globe have come to expect from the A&D name.  

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