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Premium Blood Pressure Monitor

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Advanced, multi-user blood pressure monitor that provides trusted accuracy and reliable measurements every time.

Key Features

Clinically Validated for Accuracy
Multi-User, Up to 4 Users
One Button Operation
Pressure Rating Indicator
Irregular Heartbeat Detection
60 Memory Recall
Automatic Measurement Averaging
Date and Time Stamps
5 Year Warranty
Fits 8.6" to 16.5" Arms
Body Movement Sensor



Quick and Easy Measurements

  • Easy to use for up to 4 users
  • Stores 60 measurements per user in memory
  • Displays average of all measurements
  • Clock display with date and time stamp for logging and trending measurements

Trusted Accuracy

  • Clinically validated for accuracy
  • Indicates an Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) during a measurement
  • Pressure Rating Indicator classifies blood pressure in accordance with medically approved standards
  • Body Movement Sensor guides user to remain still during measurement
  • Cuff Fit Error prevents inaccurate measurements by alerting user when the cuff is too loose

User Comfort

  • Easy to use, wide range cuff fits most arms (8.6-16.5”)
  • Gentle inflation enables a more comfortable measurement


  • Carrying case included

All our blood pressure monitors come with:

  • 5 year warranty on the monitor / 2 years on the cuff
  • Cuffs that are not made with natural rubber latex
  • Battery life indicator
  • A&D Connect companion app, download for free to electronically log and track measurements (available on iOS and Android)



In The Box
1 blood pressure monitor
1 wide range cuff
4 AA batteries
Carrying case
Instruction manual
Quick start guide
Measurement Accuracy Pressure: ±3 mmHg Pulse: ±5%
Clinical Test  ANSI / AAMI SP-10 1992
Cuff Size 8.6-16.5"
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH, inches) 5.5”[W] x 4.1”[D]x 2.3”[H] 
Weight (Lbs) Approx. 9.0 oz.
Number of users 4
Memory 60 measurements for each of the four users
Measurement Range
     Pressure 0 - 299 mmHg
     Systolic Pressure 60 - 279 mmHg
     Diastolic Pressure 40 - 200 mmHg
     Pulse 40 - 180 beats / minute
Power Supply 4 AA batteries (included), or AC adapter (TB-233) (Not included)
Number of Measurements (battery) Approx. 700 times LR6 (alkaline batteries) Approx. 200 times R6P (manganese batteries)







Rogoza, A.N. et. al (2000). Validation of A&D UA-767 Device for the Self-Measurement of Blood Pressure.  Blood Pressure Monitoring (Issue 5), pp. 227-231.

ESH 2010

Pass, Recommended

dabl Educational Trust, UA-651 Equivalence

Highest international standards (available prior to their most recent updates)

Silver, Recommended

Hypertension Canada (Canadian model: UA-767FAM)


Read more about Clinical Validation and see our validations by device.