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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Measurement Method: Oscillometric 
  • Pressurization: Internal micro pump 
  • Display Range: 0-320mmHg 
  • Measurement Range Systolic: 60-280mmHg (min. division: 1mmHg) 
  • Diastolic: 40-160mmHg (min. division: 1mmHg)  

This item has been discontinued.  Please see the replacement ABPM here.

Key Features

Clinically Validated for Accuracy
2 Year Warranty
300 Measurements in Memory
Clock Display
Two Cuffs Included



The A&D Medical Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System (ABPM) allows health care professionals to automatically monitor a patient's blood pressure throughout the day. ABPM therapy can help differentiate hypertension from white coat hypertension and the data generated can be used to adjust patient medication levels. This compact monitor has sophisticated tracking capabilities to measure blood pressure and pulse trends.

A&D Medical’s ABPM uses the oscillometric measurement method and is pressurized via an internal micro pump. Clinically validated using the BHS protocol, as published in Blood Pressure Monitoring Vol. 3, Issue 4 (1998).

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Measurement Method Oscillometric
Pressurization Internal micro pump
Display Range 0-320mmHg
Measurement Range  Systolic 60-280mmHg (min. division: 1mmHg)
Diastolic 40-160mmHg (min. division: 1mmHg)
Pulse 30-200bpm (min. division: 1bpm)
Accuracy  Pressure: ±3mmHg or ±2% measurement, whichever is greater
Pulse Rate: ±5%
Clock Display  24-hour (1997-2096 & auto leap year setting)
Memory Capacity  300 measurements maximum
Power Source  Three AA Alkaline or NiCd (Batteries not included)
Temperature & Humidity Range Operation: 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C), less than 85% RH
Storage and Transportation: -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C), less than 95% RH
Dimensions  2.8” (w) x 1.1” (h) x 3.9” (d)
72mm (w) x 27mm (h) x 100mm (d)
Weight  0.5 lbs (215g)
Data Output  RS-232C (direct)
Available Cuffs Cuffs Adult Cuff, Left Arm (7.9”-12.2” (20-31cm)), included (TM-2430-06)
Large Cuff, Left Arm (11”-14.2” (28-36cm)), optional (TM-2430-02)
Small Cuff, Left Arm (5.9”-8.7” (15-22cm)), optional (TM-2430-07)
Adult Cuff, Right Arm (7.9”-12.2” (20-31cm)), optional (TM-2430-09)
Large Cuff, Right Arm (11”-14.2” (28-36cm)), optional (TM-2430-12)