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Ambulatory Analysis Software


An easy-to-use software platform to track, trend, and report the data generated by A&D Medical’s Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors.

  • Quickly create new patients
  • Download data via USB
  • PDF reports can be printed or attached to an electronic health record (EHR)

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For healthcare providers who need to monitor their patients’ blood pressure 24 hours a day, A&D Medical’s ABPM devices and Ambulatory Analysis Software records blood pressure as an oscillometric waveform.  With our new analysis software, you can check the waveform record for each measurement to verify the accuracy of measured values.

The TM-2441 can also analyze environmental data collected by the multi-sensor technology, such as temperature, air pressure, activity, and acceleration, which can be essential components of determining hypertension vs. activity that impacts blood pressure, such as exercise or seasonal changes.  This data can be combined with blood pressure measurements to produce graphs that help you understand fluctuations in BP readings.

Graphical Analysis

Maximize the value of different views of data points or adjust for your viewing preferences with histograms, trend analysis, correlation plots, and pie graphs.

Oscillometric Wave

Verify the accuracy of a given measurement with second by second waveform.

Right: Normal waveform

Circadian Rhythm Analysis

Automatically calculates increases or decreases of BP during sleep.

Morning Surge Analysis

Automatically calculates the mean BP during the first two hours after awakening.


System Preferences

Computer CPU

1GHz or higher processor


1GB or more (x86), 2GB or more (x64)

Operation System (Recommended)

Windows 10 (x86/x64), Windows 8 (x86), Windows 7 (x86/x64)

SVGA (Recommended)

800 x 600 pixel or more


CD drive (drive corresponding to enclosed media)

Hard Disk

Available space of 16GB or more (x86), available space of 24FB (x64)