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Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors

Monitoring your blood pressure at home is important for managing and preventing many health conditions.  For over 40 years, our goal has been to ensure that our clinically validated blood pressure monitors are easy to use and accurate.  Jump to Upper Arm Monitors or Wrist Monitors.



Weight Scales

Weight Scales

Whether your goal is to lose weight, control a chronic condition with your doctor, or you just want a reliable smart bathroom scale, A&D Medical’s digital scales make it simple to track and record your body weight.

Professional Products

Professional Products

A&D Medical has a reputation for being a trusted and reliable partner of the medical community for over 40 years, and our line of advanced devices helps healthcare providers monitor patients’ chronic conditions in the office, at home via ABPM, and with Kiosks and NIBP solutions.


Remote Patient Monitoring

As telethealth applications become more commonplace, A&D Medical's clinically accurate and validated devices provide advanced weight tracking and accurate blood pressure monitors to support home patient care for chronic conditions.



Clinically Validated

Are your devices FDA Approved?  What does Clinically Validated Mean? Learn more here.


A&D Medical Blog

Read about helpful tips and happenings in the healthcare world, from the new blood pressure guidelines to how stress impacts blood pressure. Check out our Blog.

A&D Heart Track App

The A&D Heart Track App is command central for all of your key health metrics. Learn how you can better manage your heart health and reduce paperwork!


What is hypertension? Why do my readings vary throughout the day? Read the answers to these - and many more - frequently asked questions!

Ideas & Tips

Learn about how to reduce blood pressure and more!

Video Library

Watch videos designed to make taking your blood pressure or using an A&D Medical device easy.



A&D was founded on the concept of converting Analog information into Digital results – hence the name “A&D” – and we have prided ourselves on our precision, accuracy, and dependability ever since.

We help people and professionals measure and monitor their blood pressure, weight, activity, and other biometric data to better manage their lives and their chronic conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, COPD, and more.  

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