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CES 2018: A&D Medical Empowers Consumers to Better Understand Personal Health with Its “More than a Measurement” Campaign

CES 2018: A&D Medical Empowers Consumers to Better Understand Personal Health with Its "More Than a Measurement" Campaign

LAS VEGAS – January 8, 2018 – Designed to empower consumers with the tools they need to better manage their health, A&D Medical, a global leader in connected health and biometric measurement devices and services, will be featuring its full line of wireless blood pressure monitors and weight scales at CES this year.

“At a point where there is immense concern and controversy over the rising costs of healthcare, one of our most powerful advantages is the ability to gain greater insight into our own personal health – and technology gives us the expanding ability to do that,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, President and CEO of A&D Company. “A&D Medical has a full line of smart personal health devices that allow consumers to track and trend their own personal vital signs. Using this trending is key to achieving long-term health and well-being.”

The company’s “More Than a Measurement” campaign was designed to ensure consumers have the right devices to address their own personal health requirements, utilizing the company’s A&D Connect app to enhance the end-user experience through engaging and easy-to-use features such as graphing, trending, unlimited memory, reminders and goal setting.

The smart devices from A&D Medical on display at CES this year include the company’s two newest smart devices: the ULTRACONNECT blood pressure monitor and the PLUSCONNECT weight scale. Both devices were recently launched to the U.S. market, and represent the company’s most advanced and innovative personal health product lines to date, with features based on consumer feedback and focus groups. 

  • The ULTRACONNECT blood pressure monitors offer an unmatched set of features and capabilities, including a sleek, tubeless design that slips easily on the wrist or arm, and is light-weight, to allow users to effortlessly transport the device wherever they go. Its Smart Connect feature allows the company’s A&D Connect App to automatically detect and connect to the monitor for unparalleled ease of use. It also features an offline, stand-alone operation, allowing for the subsequent transfer of up to 100 readings to the A&D Connect app at a later time, as well as includes multi-user functionality for up to five users plus a guest.

  • The PLUSCONNECT weight scale was designed as an easy-to-use scale and offers a sleek, light-weight design with a wide, sturdy base that has a capacity of up to 400 pounds with precision within 0.2 pounds. It also includes multi-user functionality for up to seven users plus a guest.

“After more than four decades in the business of manufacturing precision measurement instruments, we know that our customer’s personal health information is not just numbers,” said Mr. Duesterhoeft. “Rather it is about providing them with the power to make the most informed decisions about their health and their lives.”


About A&D Medical

Since 1977, A&D Medical has manufactured and distributed a full line of advanced biometric monitoring solutions including blood pressure monitors, weight scales, activity monitors, and other health monitoring devices for consumer and professional use. A&D Medical is the worldwide leader in connected health and biometric measurement devices and services for consumer wellness and chronic condition management, marketing under the A&D brand globally and also the LifeSource brand in North America. A&D Medical is a division of A&D Company, a global manufacturer of measurement equipment, with operations around the globe.

For general information about A&D Medical, please visit www.andmedical.com.

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