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LifeSource UA-767 Pro Series Blood Pressure Monitor Review

LifeSource by A&D Medical UA-767 Pro Series Blood Pressure Monitor Review

MyHealthDevices.com gives the monitors a 4.8 out of 5 for accuracy

Monica Griffin, author for MyHealthDevices.com has reviewed the UA-767 Pro series of blood pressure monitors, evaluating components such as accuracy, fit, easy of use, features, and value.  

Griffin says that these "monitors are considered extremely accurate.  They are tested clinically for accuracy and the European Hypertension Society approves it....  The blood pressure readings taken from [these] LifeSource monitor[s] are equivalent to the readings measured from cuff/stethoscope auscultation method, assuring the health and safety of consumer."

When evaluating fit, Griffin was impressed by the range of cuff sizes available in this series to accommodate various arm sizes.  Additionally, she reviews such features as the Pressure Rating Indicator, auto-inflation, memory capacity, and irregular heartbeat detection.  

Overall, the monitor was found to be competitively priced and full of useful features - plus extremely accurate.  

See the review on MyHealthDevices.com here, or learn more about the UA-767 Pro Series here.