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Emerging Connected Health Technology - Connected Health Summit with Terry Duesterhoeft

Nineteen Percent of Households Own Two or More Connected Health Devices

Connected Health Summit features panels on emerging connected health technology.

August 13, 2018New Parks Associates research shows 19% of U.S. broadband households now own two or more connected health devices.  Parks Associates will host its fifth-annual Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers, August 28-30 in San Diego to discuss strategies to drive both adoption and ongoing engagement among connected consumers for these solutions.

Among the speakers at the Summit is Terry Duesterhoeft, President & CEO, A&D Company - Americas.  Regarding connected devices, Duesterhoeft says, “As we look to address the many challenging issues in healthcare today, one of our most powerful tools is the sharing and contextualization of information.  Examining the technology changes that are occurring and how they can reshape the way providers care for their patients and individuals care for their specific conditions gives immense insight into how to evolve our care systems going forward.”

The session “Consumer Devices: Expanding into Healthcare Use Cases,”10:45 a.m. on August 29, looks at the strategies for the consumer device players entering the connected healthcare space and shares perspectives on the challenges and benefits of doing so.

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