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Consumer Search Says A&D Medical and LifeSource Brands "Produce Excellent Monitors"

Consumer Search Says A&D Medical and LifeSource Brands "Produce Excellent Monitors"

The UA-789AC named best BP monitor for large arms, and the UA-767F for the whole family

January 22, 2018 - Consumer Search author, Lisa Maloney, reviewed upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors, and included two A&D Medical monitors, the LifeSource brand UA-789AC and the A&D Medical brand UA-767F, in their "Best Blood Pressure Monitors" list.

LifeSource UA-789AC Premium Blood Pressure Monitor with Extra Large Cuff

The only home blood pressure monitor designed to provide accurate readings for people with larger arms.

According to Maloney, "this home blood pressure monitor has a reputation for trouble-free operation and accuracy....  Users love the large, easy-to-read display, too."

With an XL cuff, the UA-789AC fits 16.5 to 23.6" arms and provides fast readings due to its high speed motor.  Not only is it quick, the monitor is clinically validated for accuracy, meaning it has been thoroughly tested and that it stands up to the medical industry's world-class protocols.  

A&D Medical UA-767F Series Premium Blood Pressure Monitor

An advanced premium, multi-user blood pressure monitor that provides trusted accuracy and reliable measurements every time. Available with and without an A/C Adapter.

For Consumer Search's report, the UA-767F Series' reputation at Consumer Reports and Wirecutter was evaluated.  Maloney says its memory recall capacity of 60, "is the highest of any we saw while compiling this report.  It can store... time- and date-stamped readings in each of four user accounts, so the entire family can use the same machine if need be."

Referencing Consumer Reports reviews, Maloney says, "everyday users laud the A&D's accuracy too, saying that it lines up well with readings taken in their doctor's office."  This is thanks to the device's Clinical Validation - which was verified with the BHS protocol, as published in the Blood Pressure Monitoring journal.  

A&D Medical is always proud to be listed in the "best" lists.  Read the full Consumer Search article here: Best Blood Pressure Monitors.