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Connected Devices for Better Patient Care

Connected Devices for Better Patient Care

Expert's Outlook with A&D Medical CEO, Terry Duesterhoeft

InsightsCare Magazine, March 2018

"While the Health IT (HIT) space has seen an incredible influx of new technology in the form of wearables, mobile apps and other devices, the foundation continues to be the older, proven technologies of telehealth and telemedicine.  What has become the underpinning of both HIT and consumer mobile health is remote biometric collection, primarily enabled by Bluetooth Smart and, to a lesser extent, Wi-Fi.

"We are not far from a future where any device we purchase for purposes of managing our health - from blood pressure monitors to weight scales to glucometers - will automatically collect our data and allow immediate access to it from an engaging mobile app, as well as its secure upload to/storage in the cloud.  From there we will have ready access to it, and will be able to track, trend, monitor and share the data with whomever we choose."

Click to read the full article, including more thoughts from Mr. Duesterhoeft on how connected devices are improving patient care via home healthcare monitoring and telemedicine.