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AdviNOW Medical Uses A&D Medical Kiosk in Their Solution

AdviNOW Medical Uses A&D Medical's Blood Pressure Kiosk in Their Solution

With the goals of reducing costs for medical diagnoses and increasing ease of use

October 18, 2018 - AdviNOW Medical, a company striving to automate the medical visit by integrating artificial intelligence and augmented reality into patient care, has released a medical station that is designed to lower the costs of making medical diagnoses for urgent care clinics.  The station is also designed to be easy for patients to access.

Included in the station's design is the A&D Medical Automatic Blood Pressure Kiosk, a small footprint blood pressure kiosk that is ideal for use in clinics, pharmacies, and workplaces.  This multi-user device is clinically validated for accuracy and is simple for patients to use due to an integrated instruction panel, one-button operation, and a result printout.  

The compact design is perfect for AdviNOW Medical's application (as well as others) because it can be used alone or as a part of a health screening station or a kiosk system.  

Read the full article here, or contact us to find out how the A&D Medical Blood Pressure Kiosk can be integrated with your solution. 

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