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A&D Medical Kiosk in Artificial Intelligence-Powered Walk-in Clinics

A&D Medical Blood Pressure Kiosk in Artificial Intelligence-Powered Walk-in Clinics

Virtual Health Kiosks at Safeway Stores Aim to Reduce Costs and Increase Care

"Technology will be one of the solutions that addresses the known doctor and nursing shortages that we are having in this country," according to Rick Hall of Arizona State University's Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.  Virutal health kiosks in Safeway stores (a joint venture between Akos Med Clinics and AdviNow Medical) aim to help solve this concern.

The clinics are powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies -- in combination with medical devices, like A&D Medical's blood pressure kiosk -- to capture healthcare data that a virtual physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant uses to evaluate symptoms and vitals, as well as determine diagnoses.  And, if necessary, the patient may even receive an electronic prescription based on their results.  

"Like many other things, artificial intelligence is changing how we consume health care, and our A.I. system is giving time back to providers," James Bates, medical founder and CEO of AdviNow Medical, said. "AdviNow completely automates everything around the doctor visit. Our doctors can see 10, 15 patients an hour without feeling burned out."

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