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A&D Medical Streamlines Student Yearly Health Checks for University

A&D Medical Products Help to Automate University Health Check for 6,000 Students

Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT) near Nagoya, Japan, offers its nearly 6,000 students yearly medical checks to help prevent disease.  Because this medical check occurs over 3 days in April each year, the university was required to enlist 50 staff members to manage the process and record data for the check. 

However, this year, A&D Medical assisted with the automation of blood pressure, weight, and height measurements to increase efficiency and increase student satisfaction with the process.  The result was a reduction from 3 days to 2 days to complete the checks, while reducing the time and burden on both staff and students.  

To find out how A&D Medical can help automate your processes in high traffic areas with the blood pressure kiosk and other health measurement devices, please contact us.