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A&D Listed Among Top 10 Remote Patient Monitoring Companies

A&D Medical Listed Among Top 10 Remote Patient Monitoring Companies for Hospitals

mHealthIntelligence.com Evaluated Platforms Based on Chronic Disease Management Features and Capabilities

As mHealthIntelligence.com notes in their article, hospitals and medical providers are increasingly investigating products that help them remotely monitor patients.  

Author Thomas Beaton says, "Healthcare organizations, particularly hospitals, can use remote monitoring to limit associated healthcare cost, and cut down on the use of more expensive services....  These facilities can expand their scope of service - and rest assured that patients are maintaining a healthy status."

A&D Medical was listed in the Top 10 remote monitoring vendors list, and the criteria used to make the list includes enhanced healthcare metrics, mobile integration, in-home monitoring solutions, and more.  

Beaton says about A&D Medical, "the suite of remote monitoring apps and devices allow patients to connect their health data with with providers and keep family, caregivers, and medical professionals constantly updated on patient health."

As Beaton notes, A&D Medical offers a suite of connected devices for at-home monitoring, as well as professional and telehealth products.

For at-home monitoring, the free A&D Connect app is available for iOS and Android, and allows patients to track weight, blood pressure, sleep and other metrics.  An intuitive dashboard displays trends and includes features like goal setting to help users understand and improve their health.

The app allows allows users to share their measurements with their healthcare providers or family.  

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