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Heat Track ABPM

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Redefined

Heart Track for ABPM is entirely cloud based system that enables providers to centralize the review process to drive unprecedented workflow efficiencies for ABPM monitoring. The system simplifies patient set up, analysis and reporting to rapidly complete an ABPM study. ABPM is the non-invasive gold standard for diagnosing hypertension, these studies can now be done more efficiently with Heart Track.


Easy Set Up
No wired connections or software to download eliminating frustrating compatibility issues.

Streamlined Reporting
Automated report generation with cloud-based access that can be shared at any time. Quick visualization, organization of data, and automated report emails to make data more accessible.

Interpretation IQ
Intelligence built into the reporting. This includes automated analysis and the unique evaluation of the study adequacy, which allows a determination of measurement validity.

Patient Compliance
A digital log book allows patients to automatically sync activity data to the study, allowing for a more accurate account of sleep and activity that corresponds to the blood pressure data.

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