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Heat Track

Comprehensive Hypertension Management In The Cloud

A&D Medical Heart Track is a complete cloud-based system for managing your patient’s chronic conditions. It can be set up in a matter of minutes and allows for efficient and accurate tracking of patient generated data all while facilitating following recommended practice. Free Trial! Get Started Today!

Remote monitoring made easy:

  1. Register your practice on the Heart Track Portal
  2. Have patients to download the A&D Medical Heart Track App (AppleAndroid) and input your provider code
  3. Begin remote monitoring

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Increase access to accurate data like self measured blood pressure to improve diagnosis.


Efficiently manage chronic conditions with seamless collection and analysis of  self measured blood pressure and other biometric parameters.


Increase engagement with free consumer app for patients that allows interaction and sharing of data with Healthcare Providers.



Designed by Doctors for Healthcare Professionals


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A&D Medical Heart Track allows for easy access anywhere to comprehensive patient biometric data for effective management of chronic conditions like Hypertension. Save time by trading office measured blood pressure for a richer data set of self measure data, like blood pressure.


Quick & Accurate Analysis of Data

  • Swipe averaging: compare different time periods and assess the effectiveness of interventions
  • Quick view of 1, 7 and 30 day periods to easily assess trends

Secure Data

  • HIPAA compliant

Patient using Heart Track and blood pressure monitor

No Hassle Set Up

  • Be operating within minutes with a simple web sign up
  • Instantaneously connect to your patent’s data with the entry of your provider code in their app

Increase Patient Engagement

  • Encourages self-monitoring making patients more aware of their conditions and progress

A&D Heart Track App

Learn more about the A&D Heart Track patient app here.

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